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Instructions on how to enjoy the Park
- Opening times
The entrance to the park is free, from 06 am to 12 pm from April 1st to October 31st and from 07 am to 08 pm from October 1st to March 31st. Leaflets about the park are available at the book shop on the south avenue, near the gate on Strada Farnese.

- How to get around inside the park
Recent restoration works have highlighted the role of the park as a peaceful place, full of art and nature, in the heart of the town. New pavings of the avenues allow pedestrians and prams to easily cross it, while a cycle track turns around the garden, linking its main south, east and west entrances. On the contrary, entrance to the park is forbidden to all motor vehicles.

- Meadows
People can currently tread on the huge meadows except for the English lawn areas around the vases and besides the avenues (pointed out by warning notices). You can walk, seat and lay down on the meadows but you can't play football or have a pic-nic.

- Hedges
In order not to spoil recent gardeners' work, the new hedges can only be crossed along the provided paths. Hedges are actually going to grown in the palissade style, with benches all welded together in a sort of wall.

- Rubbish
For its beauty and wealth of history and art, the Park deserves not be outraged with rubbish, waste paper and dirt. Visitors are therefore kindly asked to make use of litter bins and new public toilets.

Inside the Park, dogs must be held by the leash and their dejections must be thrown in the bins. For this purpose disposable dustpans dispensers will placed along the avenues.