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The statues
In the garden you can find 12 statues (5 couples and 2 groups) and 5 monumental vases carved in Carrara's marble by Jean Baptiste Boudard (1710-1768).
The oldest three couples of statues (Zefiro and Flora, Bacco and Arianna, Apollo and Venus) have a homogeneous style, derived from classicism; the other two couples (Pale and Trittolemo, Pomona and Vertumno) have a more up to date and innovative style.

After recent restoration works "in situ", all the statues have been cleaned out. Venus, "Apollo con la cetra", "Satiro e Naiade" are faithful copies (original statues are currently placed under the west loggia of Palazzotto Sanvitale) and all other statues are going to be reproduced while original ones will be located in the Boudard's Musemum.
In order to protect the Silenus from decay too, a faithful copy has been recently carved and placed nearby the Arcadia Temple.

The vases
The series of 5 vases carved by Boudard around 1760 during embellishment works of the garden, was inspired by one of Petitot's projects, even if the two artists certainly influenced each other.
The fashion of the monumental vases goes back to the Hellenistic age, it was introduced again during the Reinassance to adorn Italian-style gardens and later used for French-style parks.

During recent restoration works in the park, all the vases have been completely cleaned out and are currently under the moulding process.